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Leisure & Sports Centres: You Said, We Did

A selection of what you've been telling us and what action we've been taking as a result.

We welcome comments on all areas of the service that we provide.  This is a just a selection of the actions we are taking in response to comments received. 

For further details or more information please speak to centre staff.   



You told us that:

What we're doing:

Oct 09All sitesThe 'Off Peak' youth membership is very restrictive over the weekends - only available on a Saturday, can access be extended to include Sundays?Good news, following consultation we are pleased to confirm that as of October the Youth membership will be enhanced to now include use on a Sunday
Oct 09Newton Abbot Leisure CentreThe female dry-side changing room shower areas were not draining sufficientlyMaintenance of the area was a high priority, with an hourly schedule of floor mopping carried out.  In October 2009 a new centre drained was fitted to both the male and female shower area in order to improve the drainage of this area
Nov 09Ashmoor Recreation Centre

Tennis courts covered in leaves at the moment is making play difficult and dangerous

The school caretaker will be paying particular attention to the courts in order to try to prevent the build up of too many leaves during the autumn 

Nov 09Broadmeadow Sports CentreThe music channels on the fitness suite screens aren't suitableA survey was carried out to review customer comments on their preferred type of channels.  Notices now display the range of channels available including music channels, Sky News and Sports.  Results from the surveys to follow
Nov 09Ashmoor Recreation Centre

The fitness suite is getting very busy, the problem is heightened by some out of use machines

We are in the process of purchasing new machines for the Peak Physique fitness suite, more details to follow.

We try to encourage customers to restrict themselves to spending a maximum of 15 minutes on equipment during peak, busy times

Dec 09All sitesReturning students from university wanted to take out a membership but were restricted by the short period that they are back for holidays before heading back to universityA trial of a 4 week student membership pass has been introduced that can be purchased over the student holiday period only
Jan 2010Dawlish Leisure CentreWhy are swimming lessons not included in the All Inclusive Membership - it is misleadingThe All-Inclusive membership covers virtually all activities available at Teignbridge District Council operated leisure facilities, and represents incredible value for money, but there are a few exceptions and these include adult and junior swimming lessons. 

In order to include these activities the membership cost would need to be increased considerably.  This would be unfair on the high number of members that do not wish to partake in swimming lessons.

The website has been updated to avoid confusion.
Jan 2010Newton Abbot Leisure CentreCongratulations on the helpful and informative service received by the knowledgeable staff on reception and excellent exercise classesWe continuously encourage all of our staff to take time to understand our customers needs and pride ourselves on our commitment to high levels of customer care.   
February 2010Broadmeadow Sports CentreCan you please show the news in the morning so I can ease into my programme?News agreed to be shown in CV room up to 9.30am.
April 2010Broadmeadow Sports CentreCar park needs upgrading as the surface is very uneven and is looking really tired!

Customer car park resurfaced and marked with spaces. Additional parking bays including coach bay and Disabled parking area included.

April 2010Broadmeadow Sports CentreThe markings are not clear in the Emergency Vehicles area and people are parking there during busy days.Emergency Vehicles only area marked out and supervised.
April 2010Broadmeadow Sports CentreIt would be helpful for the weights rack to be labelled to improve training efficiency please!Free weights racking clearly labelled with yellow labels.
Sept 2010Broadmeadow Sports CentreA regular user (via a customer comment form) has asked for a mirror to be installed in the sauna areaThe mirror has been installed today and the customer was very pleased when we called her with the news.
Sept 2010Broadmeadow Sports Centre
We've had interest for XBike classes to run over the weekend.

Based on customer research we are proactively holding XBike classeover the weekend. Advertised as a "Family session" these have been running since 11/09/2010  and are being well received by our members