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Loans and Grants for Home Owners and Tenants (with a repairing obligation)

There are several froms of financial assistance available to home owners (and tenants who are responsible for repairs to the property they rent)

If you are a home owner in the Teignbridge area you may be eligible for some of the schemes outlined below. This is subject to available funding. If you are a tenant you may also be eligible, however you must be responsible for repairs to the property, as detailed in your lease or tenancy agreement.

Please read the information about our loans and grants. If you meet the criteria and would like further information please Contact Housing Services


Teignbridge District Council, in partnership with Wessex Home Improvement Loans to provide assistance in the form of  low cost loans to carry out essential repair or improvement works. Wessex Home Improvement Loans is a not for profit organisation which delivers loan schemes for Local Authorities in the South West of England. The loans assistance is available to ensure that the property is safe to live in and working towards the Decent Homes Standard. If loan assistance can not be provided a repayable grant may be offered. (see Renovation Assistance below)

Renovation Assistance

Renovation assistance to carry out essential repairs or improvements to a property, is available to those who have:

  • Been refused a loan by Wessex Home Improvement Loans because they are not eligible due to insufficient equity or legal restrictions
  • Have taken up a loan but there is a shortfall between the amount offered and the recommended scheme costs or
  • Where unforeseen works take the cost of the works over the loan limit.

Grants give under this scheme are repayable if the house is sold within 20 years of the grant being paid. 

Minor Works Assistance

This assistance is a grant to help vulnerable home owners and tenants with a repairing obligation to deal with an emergency and/or urgent repair that affects their immediate health, saftey or sercurity within their home. It also assists with top up grants to the Government's Warm Front scheme for heating.

Move on Assistance

This assistance is available:

  • to help a disabled home owner living in Teignbridge to move within Teignbridge, where it is not reasonable and practical to adapt their existing accommodation.
  • in circumstances where the landlord of a private rented property refuses permission for disabled adaptation work to be carried out.
  • for applicants who are aged 60 and over to move to alternative accommodation in circumstances where they are under-occupying their current accommodation.

Energy Efficiency Schemes

The Council is working in partnership to provide free or subsidised (depending on the circumstances of the applicant) Energy Efficiency Schemes to help you become more energy efficient.

Adapting Your Home

By having a few improvements and adaptations done to your property you, or someone living with you, may be able to continue to live a more independent life in your own home. 

Find out more about Adapting your home.

Further Information

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