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Loans and Grants for Landlords

If you are a landlord with tenants in the Teignbridge area, you could qualify for some financial assistance.

Please read the information about our loans and grants. If you meet the criteria and would like further information please Contact Housing Services


Loans are available through Wessex Home Improvement Loans to assist landlords to bring rented accommodation up to the Decent Homes Standard (CLG) and to improve the condition of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) including fire precautions, means of escape, amenities within the property as well as ensuring the property is safe to live in.

Grant Assistance

Grant assistance of up to £1000 is available in order to carry out repairs to improve safety in privately rented property. This assistance is only available to landlords where a tenant is accessing funds via a rent deposit scheme.

Assistance is also available to improve the energy efficiency. This includes insulation, new heating systems and renewable energy products.

The property must be let to a vulnerable person for a period of 12 months at affordable rents.

Conversion Loan

The Council offer conversion loans to help increase the housing stock in areas of high housing need at affordable rents. This would include properties where the owner wishes to convert their property, but remain living in one of the converted units of accommodation.

Empty Homes Loans and Grants

Empty homes loans are available to help encourage owners to bring their property back into use to provide much needed accommodation in Teignbridge. For further details please see our pages about Empty Homes

Empty homes grants are available where the owner has been:

  • refused a loan by Wessex Home Improvement Loans because they are unable to afford a low cost loan or
  • have taken up a loan, but there is a shortfall between the amount offered and the recommended scheme costs
  • where unforeseen works take the cost of the works over the loan limit.

Financial assistance is also available to owners of empty homes, who are vulnerable according to income, age and disability , in order to carry out essential work to sell the property and enable it to be brought back into use.