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Future Planning

PlanTeignbirdge logo 2012 - 2033


The Council's Future Planning team prepares documents containing policies for dealing with Planning Applications and Appeals and also makes proposals for new jobs, homes, open spaces, transport systems and local facilities. 



The new Plan Teignbridge 2013-2033 was adopted by the Council on 6 May 2014.  We are now in the process of updating our on-line resources and printed plans and maps, in the meantime Plan Teignbridge 2013-2033 'Latest News' section details the documents you should refer to.

Community Infrastructure Levy has been adopted by the Council and details the levy to be charged for new development with effect from 13 October 2014.

Please contact for any policy queries. Planning application and pre-application enquiries can be directed to

Follow the links below to see details of our other current areas of work:

If you are submitting a planning application please refer to Plan Teignbridge 2013-2033 'Latest News' and Community Infrastructure Levy for the documents you should refer to.

Development Framework - contains information on masterplanning strategic sites that are allocated in the Teignbridge Local Plan 2013 - 2033.

Neighbourhood Planning - contains advice on getting started, community level work undertaken to date and submissions to the Council for the creation of Neighbourhood Planning Areas.

Infrastructure Delivery and Growth Point- gives more information on supporting the delivery of growth in the district, projects and plans.

Evidence, Facts and Monitoring - includes current and archive information.

Previous Plans and Consultations - contains key documents linked to previous stages of the production of emerging plans and also plans that have been superseded.

Dartmoor National Park  Teignbridge District Council does not make planning decisions about land within Dartmoor National Park, and none of the planning documents we produce apply to that area, although we do discuss cross-boundary issues.  Planning information for the National Park area is available on their website Dartmoor National Park

Devon County Council Education, roads, social services, libraries and long term plans for Minerals and Waste are dealt with by Devon County Council. More information about their services is available on their website Devon County Council. Their adopted plans relevant to Teignbridge can be viewed in Devon County Council Adopted Plan.

Contact the Spatial Planning and Delivery Team