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Walk This Way - Free Walks Around Teignbridge

Join us and walk your way to better health!

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5 Reasons to Start Walking:

  • For health: Walking strengthens your heart, your bones and your muscles ... and it helps to control your weight.
  • For wealth: Walking is free and will enrich your life in many ways.
  • For happiness: Walking improves your mood and helps combat depression.
  • For comfort: Go for a walk in your local park or wood and discover how nature can reduce stress and calm your mind.
  • For joy: Walk with friends or join in one of your local walk programmes and discover just how much fun walking can be! 

What is Walk This Way?

Walk This Way offers a variety of walks across Teignbridge welcoming all ages and abilities. Get walking, meet new people and explore the countryside all on your doorstep - you will soon feel the benefits that gentle exercise can bring! 

How Do I Join and Where Do These Walks Take Place?

All you need to do is find your local walk from the list above and just turn up! Walks take place Monday to Saturday every week throughout the year.

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How Long are the Walks and How do I Know Which are Suitable?

Your walk level guide to exploring your countryside:

Identifying the different levels will help you chose a walk that is suitable for you. Further details of the three levels are below:

Short Walk 30/40 minutes
Up to 1.5 miles
Suitable for:
Those that do little or no physical activity at present.
People restricted by mobility problems and walk slowly, finding hills a struggle.

Walk Details:
Flat, level, hard-surfaced paths and pavements. No steep hills or steps. Suitable for wheelchairs and buggies.

Medium Walk 40 mins/1 hr
1 - 2 miles
Suitable for:
People that do a small amount of physical activity but need to increase their activity level.
Those with minor mobility problems that walk at a moderate speed and are able to cope with moderate gradients.

Walk Details:
Footpaths & pavements with some gradients, sometimes steps or uneven terrain.

Long Walk over 1 hour
2 - 4 miles
Suitable for:
People that already do a certain amount of physical activity.
Those who walk at a faster pace who are able to cope with hills.

Walk Details:
Footpaths, tracks and pavements, possibly uneven terrain and a few moderate-steep gradients. May include the use of stiles or steps. Can possibly be wet/muddy underfoot depending on weather.

I am interested in becoming a Voluntary Walk Leader - How do I achieve this?

If you would like to become a qualified Voluntary Walk Leader and help others walk their way to better health please view the details below
pdf icon Becoming a Volunteer Walk Leader [124kb]
pdf icon Volunteer Walk Leaders [191kb]
pdf icon Walk Leader Training Application Form [76kb]

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For further information please contact Chrissie Rowe on 01626 215603 or email walk.this.way@teignbridge.gov.uk