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Economic Development Delivery Plan

Teignbridge District Council have designed a business delivery plan to improve the local economy and local businesses are being asked for their opinions.

A healthy economy lies at the heart of a successful community and the district council is showing its commitment to improving the economic environment with one goal in mind, economic prosperity.  It aims to introduce more higher-paid jobs and increasing skill levels, improving business support, and guaranteeing job creation through successful towns and rural areas.

The 6 Point Objective Strategy

The plan aims to make sure that businesses around the district can be successful now and in the future. The six point objective strategy comprises of:

· Supporting industries and promoting projects

· Connecting and supporting business

· Supporting skill levels and participation in the labour market

· Reducing unemployment across Teignbridge

· Supporting the rural economy

· Helping local town shops remain vibrant

Economic Growth

The growth of the economy is a national as well as a local priority and the Council feels it is important to outline the issues and restrictions of where it is working, as well as what actions will be taken to improve the local economy.  

The council is committed to making sure that the economic success strengthens the overall wellbeing of the area.

Teignbridge aim to achieve four things, these are:

· Provide the right conditions for local job growth

· Provide opportunity for residents to work locally

· Support the town centres by focusing on commercial, leisure and office space making sure it is supported by adequate access, parking and a clean environment

· Supporting rural projects by supporting entrepreneurial ideas which are in keeping with the local area and workforce