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Tree Protection

Do I need permission to prune or fell a tree?

If the tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order or is in a Conservation Area you will need to apply to us for permission to undertake any work on the tree.

How do I know if the tree is in a Conservation Area or has a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)?

  • type in your postcode in on the My Neighbourhood page
  • click on your address
  • click on the blue MyNeighbourhoodMap link
  • check the TPO boxes and the Conservation Area box
  • Any TPOs will show as black points or outlines and Conservation Areas will show as orange areas.

To view a Tree Preservation Order document:

  • follow the steps above then
  • click on the TPO on the map
  • scroll down and click on the blue words 'Associated Documents'

My tree is in a Conservation Area - what do I need to do?

Proposals to top, lop, fell or uproot trees in conservation areas require the consent of the Council. Before starting any such work you must inform the Council of your intentions, identifying and confirming the location of the tree, and what work you wish to undertake.

You can apply online via the Planning Portal or download an application form Works to Trees application form (and view help text form 31 (tree works))

Within 6 weeks of receipt of your application, the Council will either:

  • agree that the work may be done or 
  • make a Tree Preservation Order to protect the tree and prevent any works.

 If no decision is received within six weeks then consent is gained by default.

My tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order - what do I need to do?

Before starting work on a protected tree, consent must be obtained from the Council.  The application must state the reasons for making the application and, by reference to a plan, specify the trees to which the application relates and the operations for which consent is required. It is an offence to do works to such trees without first having the benefit of consent.

You can apply online via the Planning Portal or download an application form Works to Trees application form (and view help text form 31 (tree works))

I think that my tree is either dead or dangerous

Please email us at designandheritage@teignbridge.gov.uk with location details, photos if possible, details of intended work and your telephone number, at least 5 days before work is proposed. Work must not be undertaken until agreed in writing except where there is an immediate risk of serious harm where notice must be given to the Council as soon as practicable after the works become necessary.

I'm thinking of buying a property which has trees, what should I do?

An official search of the local land charges register can also be made before you purchase a property. This should reveal the existence of a Tree Preservation Order (or whether your property is in a conservation area). Make sure your solicitor tells you if any trees are protected. It is recommended that if you are considering the purchase of a property that has protected trees that you contact the Council's Arboricultural Officers first, who will be happy to discuss the implications of owning protected trees with you and offer advice.

Some work is being done to a tree that I think is protected

If you want to find out if consent has been obtained to carry out works to a protected tree you can view applications on Teignbridge Planning Online.  If you have any difficulty finding an application, or if you are concerned that work is taking place that is not authorised, please phone the Tree Team on 01626 215747.

More Information

More information and advice is available from

For woodland work you may need to get a Felling Licence from the Forestry Commission.