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Street Naming and Numbering

Information, guidance and advice and for developers and the general public regarding property addressing.

These web pages provide guidance, advice and information for developers and the general public regarding property addressing.  Anyone making a Street Naming and Numbering application should read the relevant section(s) to ensure that their application conforms to the adopted policy.  Applications are only accepted from property owners.

Please note that the Street Naming and Numbering service operates on a part time basis, Monday to Wednesday.

The naming and numbering of streets and buildings within Teignbridge is a Statutory Function of Teignbridge District Council (the Council), and is covered by Sections 64 & 65 of the Towns Improvement Clauses Act 1847 and Section 21 of the Public Health Amendment Act 1907. Decisions on these matters are made by the Council.

The address of a property is becoming a very important issue. Organisations such as Royal Mail, the utilities, delivery companies, emergency services and the general public need an efficient and accurate means of locating and referencing properties. Without a correct registered address it can also be difficult to open bank accounts and obtain credit etc. You can check your registered address on the Royal Mail WEB site - www.royalmail.com

If your address is correct on the Royal Mail WEB site and you are experiencing problems with mail delivery you should contact Royal Mail Customer Services - telephone 08457 740740.  Please note that some delivery problems are as a result of not displaying the correct property number and/or name prominently on the property - is the signing for your property adequate?