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January 2010

Request Daterequest No.Summary of the requestDocuments suppliedPublic / Journalist / Political Campaign / Business / Lawyer / Academic / Union / EmployeeFull / Partial / Refused / Not held / Withdrawn
29.1.10664Details of HR and Payroll systemspdf icon Sup664 [30kb]BusinessComplete
28.1.10663Membership of remuneration panel for managerspdf icon Sup663 [34kb]Business    Complete
28.1.10662Spend on street cleaning in last 3 yearspdf icon Sup662 [33kb]BusinessComplete
27.1.10661Details on smoking banpdf icon Sup661 [47kb]JournalistComplete
27.1.10660Details of suppliers of school canteenspdf icon Sup660 [14kb]BusinessNot held
27.1.10658Details of approved traffic schemespdf icon Sup658 [13kb]BusinessNot held
26.1.10656Details of chips in binspdf icon Sup656 [162kb]Political campaignComplete
22.1.10653Number of dog breeds in the districtpdf icon Sup653 [30kb]Political campaignComplete
22.1.10652IT Budget informationpdf icon Sup652 [34kb]JournalistComplete
22.1.10651Details of any complaints of a named sewage treatment works.pdf icon Sup651 [30kb]JournalistComplete
19.1.10650Details of road traffic schemespdf icon Sup650 [13kb]Political campaignNot held
19.1.10649Details of FOI & EIR requestspdf icon Sup649 [32kb]JournalistComplete
19.1.10648What is your freepost/Business Reply address?pdf icon Sup648 [33kb]PublicComplete
18.1.10647RIPA investigationspdf icon Sup647 [31kb]JournalistComplete
15.1.10646Number of tax payers paying full Council Tax in Teignbridgepdf icon Sup646 [32kb]PublicComplete
15.1.10645Information on Youth Service and Workerspdf icon Sup645 [13kb]JournalistNot held
15.1.10644Various questions on Electoral Registerpdf icon Sup644 [33kb]Political campaignComplete
13.1.10643Audit Tool for developing services for Minority Ethnic Older Peoplepdf icon Sup643 [13kb]JournalistNot held
11.1.10642Mobile and Landline Communicationspdf icon Sup642 [45kb]BusinessComplete
6.1.10641No. of properties that fall within conservation areapdf icon Sup641 [32kb]PublicComplete
6.1.10640Proof of DHP that pre April 09 and Post April 09, all moneys had been spentpdf icon Sup640 [159kb]PublicComplete
6.1.10639Small business rate reliefpdf icon Sup639 [88kb]PublicComplete
6.1.10638Information regarding the Council's Newspaperpdf icon Sup638 [33kb]PublicComplete
6.1.10637Allotment informationpdf icon Sup637 [30kb]PublicComplete
4.1.10636Links with Veoliapdf icon Sup636 [30kb]PublicComplete