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Join the People's Panel

A review group with a difference.

When we design a policy or service improvement, we always consult with the people who we think will be most affected, but there's always a chance we've missed something or someone.

How it works

The People's Panel is a group of volunteer local residents, and representatives from some of our 'harder to reach' communities (for example our minority groups such as the disabled), who will join together to 'challenge' our Teignbridge managers about existing policies or new initiatives.

It's a two-way dialogue and gives you, the customer, the chance to hear about how we design the services for you, and talk about the various impacts, both negative and positive. You get to share your views on how things could be made better.

Interested in taking part?
If you would like to take part in the People's Panel then please get in touch. Email the Consultation Team at consultation@teignbridge.gov.uk or call 01626 215344.

Results so far

You can see the progress we are making by clicking on the link: People's Panel.