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January 2012

Request No.Summary of the requestDocuments SuppliedPublic / Journalist / Political Campaign / Business / Lawyer / Academic / Union / EmployeeComplete / Partial / Refused / Not held / Withdrawn
1467Complaints received regarding licensed taxi and mini cab operatorspdf icon Sup1467 [85kb]JournalistComplete
1468Number of council housesJournalistNot held
1469Number of properties with credit over £2000pdf icon Sup1469 [98kb]BusinessComplete
1470Detail of celebrity appearancespdf icon Sup863 [34kb]JournalistComplete
1472Information on office space for employees and tenureExceeds fees limitBusinessRefused
1474SHLAA information on Bovey Traceypdf icon Sup1474 [86kb]PublicComplete
1475EIR - SHLAA area for South of Wolborough Hill, Newton Abbot

pdf icon Sup1475 [175kb]pdf icon a Aller Brook & Forde Leat Plant species [296kb]pdf icon b Biodiv sensitivity mapping 2009 extract [1Mb]pdf icon c Biodiv Survey of Potential Devel Sites for Local Plan 1999 2000 [65kb]pdf icon d Cirl Bunting territories 2009 [1Mb]pdf icon e CWS, UWS, OSWI map [433kb]pdf icon g [488kb]pdf icon h GCNewt DRAG etc records [35kb]pdf icon i GCNewt Maps from Thesis [357kb]pdf icon j Lesser Horseshoe Bat survey 2003 [912kb]pdf icon k Lesser Horseshoe Bat survey 2004 map [692kb]pdf icon l Maps 1999 & 2000 Key [202kb]pdf icon l Maps 1999 & 2000 Key [202kb]pdf icon n SSSI Map and Citation Wolborough Fen [1Mb]pdf icon o SX87-249 Wolborough Hill UWS MR's survey 2009 [556kb]

1476Number of temporary event notice applications for laserspdf icon Sup1476 [84kb]PublicComplete
1477Number of deaths reported to Treasury SolicitorInformation publicly availableBusinessRefused
1478Overpayment/credit for business rate accountspdf icon Sup1478 [99kb]BusinessComplete
1479How will you fund respite care?JournalistNot held
1480Number of public health funeralsInformation publicly availableBusinessRefused
1481How many schools have police officers in attendanceJournalistNot held
1483Headcount for staff for last 5 yearspdf icon Sup1483 [52kb]BusinessComplete
1485Have you paid Local Housing Allowance to private landlords?pdf icon Sup1485 [102kb]BusinessComplete
1486Numbers of staff employed by the Councilpdf icon Sup1486 [82kb]BusinessComplete
1487Grounds maintenance and arboriculture contractspdf icon Sup1487 [83kb]BusinessComplete
1488Number of employees earning below the national minimum wagepdf icon Sup1488 [102kb]JournalistComplete
1489Car parking income for a named car parkpdf icon Sup1489 [88kb]PublicComplete
1490Pension strain chargespdf icon Sup1490 [85kb]JournalistComplete
1491Information on Holcombe Hallpdf icon Sup1491 [99kb]BusinessComplete
1492Detail of private investigatorspdf icon Sup1440 [84kb]JournalistComplete
1493Detail of server and virtualisation contractspdf icon Sup1493 [84kb]BusinessComplete
1494Money saved for reducing front line servicespdf icon Sup1494 [106kb]JournalistComplete
1496Detail of meat processing planning classespdf icon Sup1496 [81kb]BusinessComplete
1497Cost of using speaking clock and 118pdf icon Sup1497 [32kb]BusinessComplete
1498Business rate creditspdf icon Sup1498 [56kb]BusinessComplete
1499Detail of housing officerspdf icon Sup1498 [31kb]BusinessNot held
1500Detail of gross budget 2006-2011pdf icon Sup1500 [94kb]BusinessComplete
1503Financial expenditure for Ashburtonpdf icon Sup1503 [82kb]PublicComplete
1504Social housing enquiries mentioning ghostsBusinessNot held
1505Number of planning applications receivedpdf icon Sup1505 [85kb]Political CampaignComplete
1506Detail of disabled parking bayspdf icon Sup1506 [88kb]BusinessComplete
1507Breakdown of IT hardware maintenance costspdf icon Sup1507 [83kb]BusinessComplete
1509Parking costs for Teignmouthpdf icon Sup1509 [114kb]Public
1510Various questions on taxi licence platespdf icon Sup1511 [82kb]BusinessComplete
1511Financial information on costs to remove travellerspdf icon Sup1511 [82kb]JournalistComplete
1512Detail of RIPA investigationspdf icon Sup1512 [34kb]JournalistComplete
1513Contact details for directors of social servicesPublicNot held
1514Detail of charges for various council servicespdf icon Sup1514 [90kb]JournalistPartial