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February 2012

Request No.Summary of the request Documents SuppliedPublic / Journalist / Political campaign / Business / Lawyer / Academic / Union / EmployeeComplete / Partial / Refused / Not held / Withdrawn
1567Parents who have sued the Local Education AuthorityJournalistNot held
1566Number of redundancies and resignations
1565Detail of any contracts with Serco Group or its subsidiariespdf icon Sup1565 [84kb]BusinessComplete
1564Detail of mean NO2 concentrations in Teignmouthpdf icon Sup1564 [84kb]BusinessComplete
1563Number of primate licenses issuedpdf icon Sup1563 [85kb]BusinessComplete
1562Questions relating to the Local Government Pension SchemePolitical campaignNot held
1561Questions relating to the Core StrategyPublic
1560Number of staff not employed by the Councilpdf icon Sup1560 [95kb]BusinessComplete
1559Detail of all empty commercial propertiespdf icon Sup1559 [113kb]BusinessComplete
1557Detail of all planning applications with affordable housingpdf icon Sup1557 [99kb]BusinessComplete
1555Detail of maintenance for council housingBusinessNot held
1554detail of empty properties with rateable value over £50,000pdf icon Sup1554 [89kb]BusinessComplete
1553Various questions on the Core Strategy consultation and responsespdf icon Sup1553 [87kb]PublicComplete
1552Detail of swimming participation in schoolsBusinessNot held
1550Periodic inspection reports for Shaldon Wildlife Trustpdf icon Sup1550 [2Mb]BusinessComplete
1549Number of public health funeralsInformation publicly availableBusinessRefused
1548Number of employees paid through companies rather than PAYEpdf icon Sup1548 [80kb]JournalistComplete
1547Detail of mobile phone contractspdf icon Sup1547 [88kb]BusinessComplete
1544Detail of PBX and VOIP maintenance contractspdf icon Sup1544 [83kb]BusinessComplete
1543Detail of RIPA investigationsSee 1512Political campaignComplete
1542Pay policies and budget planningpdf icon Sup1542 [89kb]BusinessComplete
1540Detail of maintenance and ownership of all public buildingspdf icon Sup1540 [83kb]BusinessComplete
1537Detail of empty commercial premises with rateable value over £25,000pdf icon Sup1537 [93kb]BusinessComplete
1536Number of PCN's incurring a surcharge of 1.7%pdf icon Sup1536 [84kb]BusinessComplete
1535Money spent on private detectivesSee 1440JournalistComplete
1534Detail of total spend on energy costspdf icon Sup1534 [91kb]BusinessComplete
1533Contact details for named officersInformation publicly availableBusinessRefused
1532Contact detail for named directorsInformation publicly availableBusinessRefused
1531Contact detail for named IT officersInformation publicly availableBusinessRefused
1530Properties with a historic credit on their accountpdf icon Sup1530 [82kb]BusinessComplete
1528Detail of business rates for our vacant propertypdf icon Sup1528 [84kb]BusinessComplete
1522Detail of waste collection contractpdf icon Sup1522 [86kb]BusinessComplete
1521Detail of children social careJournalistNot held
1520Detail of tender for stairliftspdf icon Sup1520 [94kb]BusinessComplete

Number of people on youth offending programme

JournalistNot held