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March 2012

Request No.Summary of the requestDocuments SuppliedPublic / Journalist / Political Campaign / Business / Lawyer / Academic / Union / EmployeeComplete / Partial / Refused / Not held / Withdrawn
1639How many schools have asbestos?JournalistNot held
1638Detail of pre-planning discussions between two named partiesPublicNot held
1637How many objections lodged in respect of Core StrategyPublicRefused - intended for future publication
1636Do taxis have CCTV?pdf icon Sup1636 [83kb]Political campaignComplete
1630Detail of business rates with a rateable value over £25kpdf icon Sup1630 [200kb]BusinessComplete
1627Change of use applications from B1, 2 & 8 to C3AcademicRefused - publicly available
1626Detail of council housing maintenance budgetpdf icon Sup1626 [89kb]BusinessComplete
1625Number of planning applications in flood risk areaspdf icon Sup1625 [473kb]JournalistComplete
1624New home bonus and other planning questionspdf icon Sup1624 [86kb]JournalistComplete
1621Expenditure for waste management servicespdf icon Sup1621 [85kb]BusinessComplete
1617Detail of zoo licensespdf icon Sup1617 [2Mb]


1616Staffing and service provision for youth servicesPolitical campaignNot held
1615Business rate accounts in creditpdf icon Sup1615 [89kb]BusinessComplete
1614Business rate accounts in receipt of mandatory reliefpdf icon Sup1614 [160kb]BusinessComplete
1612Guidance on removal of travellers from unauthorised sitespdf icon Sup1612 [109kb]BusinessComplete
1611Number of councillors and their marital statuspdf icon Sup1611 [80kb]JournalistRefused
1610Detail of parking in Chapel Street, Buckfastleighpdf icon Sup1610 [73kb]PublicComplete
1609Has the Council bought any Olympic tickets?NoJournalistComplete
1608Noise abatement enforcement for pianospdf icon Sup1608 [84kb]BusinessComplete
1607Business premises with no rate reliefpdf icon Sup1607 [287kb]BusinessComplete
1603Number of days sick, staff employed and average salarypdf icon Sup1603 [83kb]JournalistComplete
1602Detail of social care services and supportBusinessNot held
1601Allegations regarding child protectionJournalistNot held
1600Detail of bailiff services and contract detailspdf icon Sup1600 [87kb]BusinessComplete
1599Detail of pet shop licensingpdf icon Sup1599 [320kb]BusinessComplete
1598Detail of stray dogspdf icon Sup1598 [103kb]BusinessComplete
1597Detail of all licensed premisesBusinessRefused - publicly available
1596Detail of interim staff and their costpdf icon Sup1596 [88kb]JournalistComplete
1593Number of gypsies evicted from authorised sitespdf icon Sup1593 [82kb]JournalistComplete
1591Detail of lone worker safety devicespdf icon Sup1591 [91kb]BusinessComplete
1590Detail of any compulsory purchase orderspdf icon Sup1590 [83kb]JournalistComplete
1588Number of wash/dry toilets provided by Disabled Facilities Grantspdf icon Sup1588 [82kb]BusinessComplete
1587Number of children excluded for sexual misconductJournalistNot held
1586Detail of planning applications granted for greenfield and other sitespdf icon Sup1586 [83kb]BusinessComplete
1585Detail of third sector grantspdf icon Sup1585 [91kb]BusinessComplete
1584Cost of Buckfastleigh Parish Pollpdf icon Sup1584 [83kb]PublicComplete
1583Detail of Members allowances and pension contributionspdf icon Sup1583 [91kb]Political CampaignComplete
1582Information on empty propertiespdf icon Sup1582 [110kb]PublicPartial
1580Number of off and on road parking spacespdf icon Sup1580 [83kb]BusinessComplete
1579Number of properties with rateable value in excess of £2600 currently vacantpdf icon Sup1579 [113kb]BusinessComplete
1577Detail of staff coachingpdf icon Sup1577 [83kb]BusinessComplete