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April 2012

Request No.Summary of the requestDocuments SuppliedPublic / Journalist / Political Campaign / Business / Lawyer / Academic / Union / EmployeeComplete / Partial /  Refused /  Not Held / Withdrawn
1705Number of properties owned or leased by the National Trustpdf icon Sup1705 [82kb]BusinessComplete
1704Number of staff and other salary questionspdf icon Sup1704 [87kb]BusinessComplete
1703Detail of contaminated land sitesOnline responseBusinessComplete
1702Number of dog breeding establishmentspdf icon Sup1702 [102kb]BusinessComplete
1701Number of pet shop licencespdf icon Sup1701 [84kb]BusinessComplete
1700Number of staff sickness in waste and cleansing sectionpdf icon Sup1700 [87kb]BusinessComplete
1699Number of public health funeralsBusinessRefused - publicly available
1697Cost of advice by legal departmentpdf icon Sup1697 [82kb]PublicComplete
1693Questions relating to the Core StrategyPublicRefused - publicly available
1692Number of Subject Access Requestspdf icon Sup1692 [87kb]BusinessComplete
1691Detail of Section 106 moniespdf icon Sup1691 [100kb]BusinessComplete
1690Detail of taxis over 10 years oldpdf icon Sup1690 [94kb]BusinessComplete
1681Number of public health funerals referred to the Treasury SolicitorBusinessRefused - publicly available
1680Legal department structureBusinessRefused - publicly available
1679Information on enforcement servicespdf icon Sup1679 [85kb]BusinessComplete
1677Detail of empty commercial properties with rateable value in excess of £40Kpdf icon Sup1677 [82kb]BusinessComplete
1675Does the Council issue on the spot environmental FPN's?pdf icon Sup1675 [88kb]JournalistComplete
1670Credits for ratepayers in respect of Business Ratespdf icon Sup1670 [85kb]BusinessComplete
1667Detail of responses on the Core Strategypdf icon Sup1667 [87kb]PublicComplete
1666Detail of responses to the Dawlish Neighbourhood Planpdf icon Sup1666 [82kb]PublicComplete
1664Number of times the Police helicopter is deployedPublicNot held
1663Minutes of meetings relating to parking restrictsPublicNot held
1662Photos relating to named parking offencesBusinessHold
1661Credit balances on businesses for NDR payablepdf icon Sup1661 [89kb]BusinessComplete
1660Rating detail on named propertiespdf icon Sup1660 [84kb]BusinessComplete
1659Detail of food and green waste contractsBusinessNot held
1654Various questions on housing stockpdf icon Sup1654 [87kb]PublicComplete
1652Number of children licensed to undertake part-time workBusinessNot held
1649Questions relating to social servicesBusinessNot held
1648Statistical information relating to planning applicationspdf icon Sup1648 [82kb]PublicComplete
1647Consultation on the Core Strategy relating to DawlishBusinessHold