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How to use this website

How to use this website and get the best out of it

Finding information and services


The Home page displays the top tasks and links to the most used services.  These top tasks are also displayed in the coloured tabs at the top of every web page.


At the top of every web page is the search box.  Just type one or more keywords and click on the 'Go' button which will return a list of pages which are related to the word or words you have searched for.  If you are not getting the results you wanted please see How to search for information on this website


The menu on the left hand site of the screen shows the main content sections of the website. When you hover over one of these links a pop out menu shows the subsections related to that heading. Clicking on one of these links takes you to that subsection.

The current page is highlighted by a pink up arrow to show you where you are. The sections you have clicked on to reach the current page remain visible in the left menu to help you find your way back to previous pages.

You can click on the Teignbridge logo at the top of every page to return to the home page.

The structure of the navigation follows the Local Government Navigational List, the list was developed by an alliance of local councils and went through though customer testing. 

A-Z of services

The A-Z of services is at the top of every web page and is an alphabetical list of services. If you know the name of the service you require you can find it quickly by clicking on the relevant letter of the alphabet e.g: click on 'B' for bins.

Information for ...

Information for... is on the left hand side under the 'Your Services' menu.  It groups information targeted at specific people and groups.

Extra links

If there are related web pages, forms, documents or external links associated with the page you are viewing, these will be displayed on elsewhere on this page.


See our Accessibility page for guidance on getting the most out of the website and navigation the site without a mouse.

Printable forms

Not all Teignbridge forms are available to complete online.  Some are only available in PDF or Word format, which can be printed off and returned to the council.

You will need to have the free software Adobe Reader loaded on your computer to use PDF documents. Download Adobe Reader.

Develop your Internet skills

Visit BBC webwise for a guide to becoming a confident internet user.

If you have any comments

Please email your comments or technical questions about the website to us at: webmaster@teignbridge.gov.uk

For general enquiries, please contact the council reception on 01616 361101 or email info@teignbridge.gov.uk