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Community Led Planning

Community planning takes place at various levels across the district. Teignbridge District Council is committed to supporting all planning processes so that the needs and vision of smaller communities can be fed into Teignbridge-wide planning.

Community Led Plans (Also known as, Parish or Town Plans)

A Community led Plan is a statement of how the community sees itself developing over the next few years. By using thorough consultation it:

  • reflects the views of all sections of the community,
  • identifies which features and local characteristics people value,
  • identifies local problems and opportunities,
  • spells out how residents want the community to develop in the future,
  • prepares a plan of action to achieve this vision.

Other agencies that can help - Devon Communities Together

For more information on Community Plans, please contact Gary Powell, Community Projects Officer at Teignbridge District Council, on 01626 215895, or you can email gary.powell@teignbridge.gov.uk.