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Estuaries and Coast

Teignbridge District has two estuaries, the Teign and the Exe, and stretches of dramatic and dynamic coastline

The Estuaries team covers a broad range of issues influencing the estuaries and coastline of Teignbridge. In particular the process of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), involving all the relevant statutory agencies together with local and regional stakeholder groups, which in the case of the Teign number around 100.

Teignbridge District Council's Estuaries team leads the Teign Estuary and Coastal Partnership and are part of the Exe Estuary Partnership.

The Estuaries and Coastal teams represent Teignbridge District Council as the lead authority for the South Devon and Dorset Coastal Authorities Group and are currently taking forward the Shoreline Management Plan. The team also, on behalf of Teignbridge District Council represent 50 or so local authorities in the south west as part of the Water Framework Directive / River Basin Planning processes being lead by the Environment Agency.

The coast is a common asset and requires a co-ordinated approach to its management and protection to ensure it remains a vibrant and prosperous place and opportunities to enhance its features and resources are embraced.