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How benefit is paid

Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is paid into the bank account details that you provide when you make your application.

If you are a housing association tenant we can pay your housing benefit to you or directly to your housing association. The application form asks who you want the benefit to go to. If we pay you, the payments will be every fortnight in arrears. If we pay your housing association it will be every four weeks in arrears. 

If you are a private tenant we will pay your housing benefit to you every fortnight in arrears.

For private tenants we can only consider paying your landlord if you are: 

  • likely to have problems paying your rent,
  • you are 8 weeks or more in rent arrears, or 
  • if you have failed to pay your rent in the past

Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support is paid by reducing your Council Tax bill by the amount of support you are entitled to.

We award it until the end of the financial year (April to 31 March).

If you have a change of circumstance, or your support ends, your bill is adjusted and a new one is sent to you. This will then show how much Council Tax is left to pay.

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Last updated 10 April 2024