Have your circumstances changed?

If your circumstances change, please tell us as soon as possible.

The easiest way to report a change is to do it online, as you can access this service at any time. To report a change please use the 'start' button below.

 We will need to know:

  • what has changed, eg. change of income, change of address, someone moving in or out
  • when it changed 
  • anything else the change effects eg. end of child benefit 

To make sure we can award you any extra Housing Benefit, please tell us within one month of the change happening.

If you do not tell us within that time, we will only be able to change your benefit from the Monday following the date you contact us. This means you could lose money if you don't tell us straight away.

If your change means that you get less benefit, it is still important to tell us as soon as possible, otherwise you will receive a benefit overpayment. If you are overpaid, we will expect you to pay it back or we will deduct it from any future benefit payments.


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More info about the journey

You will need to tell us about what has changed and have the details available.

We always need to know the date of the change then full details of the change.

Examples: new address, new rent charged, new landlord details, new income details, new income benefit details, new savings details, new partner details.


We will provide you with your new benefit award details once we have updated your claim.


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Last updated 14 August 2018