If you disagree with your benefit or support award

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1. If you disagree with your Housing Benefit award

If you feel that your Housing Benefit award is incorrect, contact us and ask for it to be explained to you.

If you still require further information you can ask us to send you a letter explaining our decision, this is called a written statement of reasons (you must request this in writing within one month of the date of the decision).

You can also ask for us to look at the decision again. Your request can be made in writing or by an email, sent to revandbens@teignbridge.gov.uk Again this must be done within a month of the date of the decision being challenged.

If we cannot change our decision, you can request an appeal. We will send your appeal to the Tribunals Service. The appeal request must be made in writing and signed by the claimant.

Your appeal must be made within one month of the date of the decision or 14 days from receipt of a statement of reasons. The Appeals Tribunal can accept appeals up to 13 months from the date of the decision, but only in special circumstances.