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What if you don't pay your business rates?

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5. What happens at the court hearing?

The council applies for a Liability Order so that it may enforce the debt. As long as the Magistrates are satisfied that the council has issued the statutory notices (bill, reminder and summons), and that the debt remains outstanding, they will issue a Liability Order with costs. You are then required to pay the total amount outstanding.

What is a Liability Order?

A Liability Order is granted by the Magistrates’ Court. It gives the council greater powers of recovery should they be needed.

Can I stop this happening?

Yes, by paying the amount in full including the costs before the hearing date. This payment must be made by 4pm on the last working day prior to the hearing. Make a payment online.

Why have costs been added?

Taking recovery action costs the council money; these costs must be paid by those we have to take recovery action against.

Will this affect my credit rating?

No, it is not a County Court Judgement. A Liability Order is granted in the local Magistrates’ Court and does not appear anywhere on your credit file.

What happens next?

If you don’t make arrangements to pay the outstanding balance you may be visited by an Enforcement Agent. We can also apply for a Bankruptcy Order/Winding up Order.