Building relationships with regulators

Business Partnership Charter

We have developed a Business Partnership Charter, which sets out our core commitments to the business community in Teignbridge. These core commitments relate to the services Teignbridge provides and our standard of delivering them, ensuring they are business friendly and encourage growth and job creation.

Better Business for All (BBfA)

BBfA is a business-focused project currently being run by Devon and Somerset Regulators and Economic Development Teams.

We are committed to supporting businesses by providing advice and guidance that helps you understand and meet your legal responsibilities.

Primary Authority

Primary Authority enables a business to form a statutory partnership with one local authority that then becomes their primary contact, providing robust and reliable advice for other local authorities to take into account. Once a Primary Authority has been formally adopted, local authorities can contact the Primary Authority rather than the business itself, cutting down on the number of requests you receive from other regulators. The Primary Authority can then offer evidence of a business's compliance with legislation.

Primary Authority ensures consistent interpretation of regulations, regardless of where stores, factories or offices are based or products are sold, thus:

  • reducing the costs of complying with regulations
  • reducing the risk of a major breach of compliance
  • reducing the costs associated with failing to comply

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Primary Authority overview

Regulatory services

Make sure you check the website to find advice on regulatory services. The list below will help you find the relevant departments in Teignbridge 


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