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Purchase, lease or use council property

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4. Application outcome

What happens once a decision is made?

If the decision is to refuse your application, you will be advised in writing.

If the decision is to approve your application, the Estates Team will then make contact with you to agree terms and conditions. The negotiating surveyor may also make a site visit in the course of the negotiations.

Additional information may be required from you such as insurance documents or relevant licenses if you are applying for (or renewing) a concession.

Once all the terms and conditions have been agreed with you, the Council’s Legal Services team will be instructed, by the Property Services Team, to prepare the legal documents.

At this stage you may want to contact your own solicitor.

If my application is refused, can I appeal?

There is no appeals procedure. However, if you feel that you have additional information, or justification to support your application that has not already been considered, or if you amend your application in some way,the Council may be able to process your application again, based on the new information.

Please note that you may be charged a further administration fee if your revised application involves repeating the consultation process.