Our economy

At a glance

Teignbridge has encouraged economic growth whilst maintaining its beautiful surroundings. An action which, as a council, we are proud of, and one which we vow to continue.

From small, individual traders to large multi-national companies, the district is home to businesses which generate high skilled jobs and allow our unique local economy to flourish.

We pride ourselves on having a strong manufacturing presence in the district, particularly in engineering. With new housing developments, business space and infrastructure projects in the pipeline, there is no better time to invest in Teignbridge.


The Exeter and Heart of Devon (EHOD) area comprises four local authorities - Teignbridge, Exeter, Mid Devon and East Devon. Economic Development teams across these four authorities share a collaborative, forward looking mindset, conscious of how administrative boundaries are of little concern to businesses.

Given EHOD's shared economic geography it was recognised that there are strong grounds for collaborative monitoring of economic trends across the patch. The Economic Review is designed to serve that very purpose, keeping businesses and all other stakeholders informed of key developments in the local economy.


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Last updated 8 February 2018