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Clinical Waste Collection

We provide a separate collection service for the collection of infectious waste and sharps containers.

Items that do not require a separate collection

The following types of waste do not usually require a separate collection and can be disposed of with your general rubbish. Please ensure the following items are placed in a securely tied bag in your black general waste bin:

  • nappies and sanitary items
  • incontinence pads
  • stoma or catheter bags
  • ulcer and other dressings
  • 'peg'/stomach feeding items
  • home dialysis kits
  • medical packaging - please put any clean plastic and cardboard packaging in your recycling boxes

Please do not use any yellow bags previously supplied in your black bin.

Infectious waste

If you are treating yourself at home and the waste you produce is infectious this will require a separate collection.  We will need you to return a medical waste referral form to us in order to set up separate collections for infectious waste, please call us on 01626 215838 if you think your waste may be infectious.


We provide a separate collection service for needles.

It is very important that needles are not disposed of in your general waste bin or recycling containers.

Request a new clinical waste container/bags or arrange a collection

If you wish to request a clinical waste collection, order a new sharps box or clinical waste bags, please call us on 01626 215838.