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Waste and recycling collections

Some rounds are currently running behind schedule. Please leave your containers out and we will return as soon as we can. 

Community funding

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3. Apply for a Councillors' Community Fund

The Councillors' Community Fund can only support one-off projects and cannot be used to replace any withdrawn public funding or provide/imply any ongoing support. Applications can only be received from not-for-profit groups and organisations and not individuals.

Local Councillors have £1,200 each municipal year to spend on projects within their Wards. There is no lower limit but projects costing more than £1,200 could be supported by other Councillors combining monies if they wanted to.


  • no community fund grants will be paid or processed during scheduled Parliamentary, European, County, District, Town and Parish elections in Teignbridge following the publication of the notice of election until the conclusion of that election;

  • in a by-election of any Teignbridge Councillor serving a multi-member Ward, no Community Fund grants from other Members in that Ward will be paid or processed following the publication of the notice of election until the conclusion of that election; and

  • in the event of a Parish by-election, no community fund grants will be processed from Councillors within the Ward for the benefit of the Parish which has the election, following the publication of the notice of election until the conclusion of that election.

Details of the Councillor Community Fund Grants and their remaining funds available for this financial year:

CouncillorAnnual AllocationAvailable FundsTotal Spend
Adrian Patch£1200£1200£0
Alan Connett£1200£500£700
Alison Eden£1200£850£350
Alison Foden£1200£950£250
Alistair Dewhirst£1200£950£250
Andrew Macgregor£1200£850£350
Andrew Swain£1200£900£300
Avril Kerswell£1200£1200£0
Beryl Austen£1200£1200£0
Bill Thorne£1200£950£250
Charles Nuttall£1200£1200£0
Chris Clarance£1200£1200£0
Chris Jenks£1200£700£500
Colin Parker£1200£950£250
Dave Rollason£1200£1200£0
David Cox£1200£1200£0
Gary Taylor£1200£450£750
George Gribble£1200£150£1050
Gordon Hook£1200£550£650
Huw Cox£1200£400£800
Jackie Hook£1200£800£400
Jacqui Orme£1200£1200£0
Janet Bradford£1200£1200£0
John Nutley£1200£650£550
John Petherick£1200£700£500
Liam Mullone£1200£1200£0
Linda Goodman-Bradbury£1200£100£1100
Linda Petherick£1200£700£500
Lorraine Evans£1200£400£800
Martin Wrigley£1200£800£400
Mary Colclough£1200£1200£0
Michael Hocking£1200£950£250
Mike Haines£1200£1100£100
Mike Jeffery£1200£600£600
Nina Jeffries£1200£1200£0
Philip Bullivant£1200£650£550
Richard Daws£1200£1200£0
Richard Keeling£1200£0£1200
Robert Hayes£1200£500£700
Robert Phipps£1200£1200£0
Ronald Peart£1200£1200£0
Sally Morgan£1200£100£1100
Sarah Parker-Khan£1200£700£500
Sheila Cook£1200£1100£100
Stephen Purser£1200£800£400
Sylvia Russell£1200£1200£0
Terry Tume£1200£1200£0

The figures above may not show some funds that have been allocated but not yet processed by the system.

Applications for the Councillors Community Fund will close on 13 March and will re-open in the next financial year. 

Start the journey


More info about the journey

Where projects and activities involve children, young people and/or vulnerable adults, groups must have relevant policies and procedures in place. You will be required to upload your safeguarding and equalities policy as part of this form. (If applicable).

The councillor you have applied to will decide whether to recommend your application for funding. Your application will then be reviewed to check it meets the criteria for funding and if so, the grant will usually be paid into your group’s bank account within 4 weeks via BACS transfer.

You must complete a monitoring form 6 months after you have received your funding. This will be emailed to you. Please ensure you complete and return this promptly.