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2. Elector Fund

The Elector Fund is for town and parish councils working together with their communities to solve local issues, using money allocated by Devon County Council and Teignbridge District Council.

This fund is for projects which aim to improve the economic, social, or environmental wellbeing of an area. It is not intended for:

  • unsustainable projects
  • salaries for ongoing posts
  • individuals
  • private businesses
  • revenue costs for existing projects

The available grant is a sum based on £1.10 per elector in each Parish, based on the electoral register as of 2017.

This fund is now closed for 2017/2018.

Applications must be submitted by parish and town councils online. To check your eligibility, please read the criteria for applications. There are two funding rounds, as follows:

1. September 2017: Applications must be submitted by 4pm on 29 September 2017 with payments by the end of October.

2. February 2018: Applications must be submitted by 4pm on 3 February 2018 with payments by the end of March.

Decisions on grants will be made shortly after these dates.

For examples of projects which the elector fund can be used for, here is a list of the approved grants for 2016 - 2017.


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If you are applying as a parish or town council, you will need to know the number of electors in your parish, and have information about your project and what you intend to use the grant for.


Decisions on grants will be made after the deadline for applications has been closed.