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Memorial benches

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1. Type of bench

We recognise that a memorial bench is a way in which a loved one's life can be celebrated while also benefiting the community that they loved.

Bench styles

Please bear in mind that the bench style used will have to match the surrounding benches, in keeping with the existing appearance of the area chosen. Designs shown are for you to see what will be installed, rather than be able to choose from.

Cavendish timber bench

This is an all hardwood timber bench using iroko timber, which will withstand all weather conditions without any further treatment. This bench measure 1.5m long and extremely vandal resistant for a timber bench.

The bench arrives with no finishing coat, but will possibly be varnished on site in due course. This is more for appearance than essential weather proofing, as these iroko benches will survive the weather very well without splitting. Further maintenance due to time restrictions, is only carried out when reported by members of the public or noted by our maintenance staff in passing. This bench can be expected to last over 10 years and sometimes as much as 25 years. No guarantees are given though.

Timber benches come with a security fitted stainless steel plaque that doesn't noticeably discolour during its lifetime. Standard plaque size is 170 x 70mm, which is laser etched on stainless steel. There is no word limit, text just gets smaller the more words you have.

Victorian steel galvanised KC bench

This bench is an all-galvanised steel seat that is 1.5m long, finished with a green powder coat in the style of a Victorian design that is common in the district, especially our parks. One of the toughest and most vandal resistant benches available, the feet are attached to a concrete or tarmac base for added security. The bench cannot be repainted due to the non-stick properties of the paint finish and requires no maintenance for the duration of its lifetime.

The plaque is laser etched on stainless steel, measuring 120mm x 80mm. Larger sizes are available at an extra cost and emblems can also be added.

Recycled plastic and steel framed bench

This bench is only used in a few locations around the district, designed with thick plastic slats and a mild steel, galvanised frame. The materials used means that it lasts very well in most environments.

The plaque is positioned across the middle of the top slat. The metal work will be the same green colour as the Victorian bench.