Memorial benches

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2. Choosing a location

We are happy to arrange a location on your behalf or to discuss a site with you. Only Teignbridge District Council owned land can be used and we have no authority to install benches elsewhere. 

With many popular locations now having as many benches as we would like, we can only replace existing benches that aren't dedicated, this includes Teignmouth and Shaldon seafronts in particular. Newton Abbot parks have many benches that can be replaced with a new dedicated one. We can send a map of areas of interest with possible positions marked on it.

It may be necessary to arrange a meeting in the area to discuss options, this helps to avoid errors or misunderstandings. We will always endeavour to keep the bench in your chosen location, but reserve the right to move it, if the need should arise. We would like to assure you that this doesn't happen often and most memorial benches stay in the agreed position for a long time.