Memorial benches

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3. Cost and ordering


£1025 - includes the bench, a plaque, installation costs and basic on going maintenance if required.

Payment methods

  • card over the phone
  • BACS (bank transfer)

Placing an order

If we can find a suitable location that you are happy with, we can take payment and place the order.

Placing an order will require agreement of a location for the bench and payment. Suitable wording for a plaque can then be decided after the order has been placed. Up to 5 lines of 36 characters (including spaces) per line, the more text the smaller it may be. You will be sent proofs of the wording, which can be changed until you are happy to approve it.

On delivery of the bench, we will instruct one of our approved contractors to install the bench, this may require a new concrete base depending on existing conditions. Once this has been done, we will then contact you to confirm completion of the work and possibly send a photo if required.

Time scale

The process from placing an order, to completion, is up to 14 weeks, but could be sooner. Benches are normally ordered in at least pairs to keep considerable delivery costs down. If no other bench order arrives within 6 to 8 weeks then the bench will be ordered individually to achieve completion within approximately 14 weeks. 


Benches are installed on existing tarmac, concrete or paved surfaces. If the surface is unsuitable then a concrete base will be set for the bench to be placed on, which is included in the price.