Outdoor LED display trailer

Outdoor LED display trailer

We have acquired an outdoor LED display trailer for reduced rate community use. It’s ideal as the main attraction and as an addition for many types of events.

It works in well in bright sunlight, so is ideal daytime and evening.

  • can be used as a cinema
  • Slide shows
  • event points scoring
  • promoting

Bookings and information

Our technician will be able to advise on your event and supply extra equipment if needed. The screen comes with two speakers included in the prices shown. The screen needs 3 phase power, so unless that is available on site, you will also need our generator, for which there is fuel costs and the extra transportation costs to site.

For further information or a booking please contact our Economy & Assets team on 01626 215609. Our technician, Rob Watson, can also answer any technical questions and can be contacted on 07540 345155.

Commercial bookings also available, please see the rates below:




Screen hire

First day £300

First day £700

Screen hire

Subsequent days £200

Subsequent days £600


Typically £200 Per Day/POA

Typically £250 per day/POA

Generator and fuel if 3 phase power not available



Transportation of generator & screen



When this content has been updated

Last updated 30 November 2018