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4. Sandbag collection

Contact us or call 01626 361101 (out of office hours - 01395 516854)

  • we will react to an emergency as soon as possible
  • in the event of flood water threatening your property call the Emergency Services on 999.
  • sandbags are available from us and should be collected. Sandbags are limited to 10 per dwelling (this is based on using four sandbags per door and two for any air bricks within the property). 
  • where sandbags are either collected for the protection of commercial or business premises, a charge will be made of £30.00 (standing charge) plus £3.50 per bag, all charges plus VAT. This charge is discretionary and does not apply during emergency situations.
  • the district’s supply is limited and demand may exceed supply. If sandbags are unavailable unfilled sandbags and a supply of sand can be obtained from most DIY stores and Builders Merchants.
  • it is the responsibility of the resident to dispose of sandbags after use.

Government guidance on how to use sandbags