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Statutory Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

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5. The role of the (Acting) Returning Officer

Whilst it is for the Council to decide on the creation of polling districts and the location of polling places, it is for the (Acting) Returning Officer to decide how many polling stations are required for each polling place. The (Acting) Returning Officer must allocate electors to the polling stations in such manner as he or she thinks most conducive to the smooth running of polling day. The Council must consult the

(Acting) Returning Officer as part of the review and the (Acting) Returning Officer must comment during any review on both the existing polling places and polling stations; and on any proposed changes.

Other representations

The Council is also required to seek representations from those with expertise in relation to access to premises and facilities for disabled people. Such persons must be given the opportunity to comment on the representations made by the (Acting) Returning Officer. Election candidates and agents, political parties and members of the Council will also be notified of the review.

Summary of Consultees

Any elector in the Constituency may make representations on the designation of polling districts or places. In addition, the Council has notified the following groups/individuals about the review:

The (Acting) Returning Officer for Newton Abbot

The (Acting) Returning Officer for Central Devon

The Member of Parliament for Newton Abbot

The Member of Parliament for Central Devon

Teignbridge District Councillors

Devon County Councillors representing divisions within the Teignbridge area

Teignbridge Town and Parish Councils

Registered Political Parties & Election Agents


RNIB South West

Age UK Devon