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Customer Support Centre

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2. What information do we collect about you?

We will collect, store and use the following categories of personal information about you:

  • Personal contact details such as name, title and address;
  • Identifying details, including date of birth and national insurance number;
  • Family information including ages, dependents, marital status;
  • Information about health and medical details.

We will also collect telephone numbers and email addresses so that we can contact you. If we hold a mobile number for you, we may send you a text.

Where we get your information from

Information is collected from you as the service user through online web forms, hard copy application forms, e-mail, by telephone, through face-to-face discussion or by recording of your telephone call if calling our main customer support centre (or our Council Tax, Business Rates and Benefit Service direct). This information will be collected either from you directly as the data subject, or from a representative acting on your behalf. CCTV images will also be collected if visiting our offices.

All of our online forms have their own privacy notice at the beginning before you enter any personal information. We recommend that you read the privacy notice before filling in the form.

When you call our Customer Support Centre, Council Tax, Business Rates or Benefit Services your call will be recorded however it will be turned off if payment card or bank account details are taken. Call recording will automatically stop if your call is then transferred to another service.

We use the Adelante card payment system to collect payments made to us by credit and debit card.  Adelante employ Strong Customer Authentication.  Adelante are compliant with the Payment Card Data Security Standard, with no personal data actually held by us.

We have installed CCTV systems in some of our premises for the purposes of public and staff safety and crime prevention and detection. CCTV cameras are operating within our private interview rooms, with clear signs displayed providing details of who to contact for further information about the scheme. They also have voice recording facilities which may be switched on if the interviewing officer feels that it is appropriate. You will always be notified in advance if the voice recording is being switched on.