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Electoral Services

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1. What information do we keep?

In Electoral Services we have a legal duty to keep and process your information in accordance with the law.

We use information about Teignbridge residents to enable us to carry out specific functions for which we are responsible in order to provide you with a statutory service.

We keep records about potential and current electors, candidates and their agents, staff employed at an election and the people we need to pay. These may be written down (manual records), or kept on a computer (electronic or digital records).

These details may include:

  • basic details about you, for example, name, address, date of birth and nationality 
  • unique identifiers such as your National Insurance number
  • scanned application forms and dates of any letters of correspondence
  • notes on any relevant circumstances you have told us about
  • details and records about the services you have received
  • your previous or any redirected address
  • other occupants living in your home
  • if you are over 76 or are 16/17
  • whether you have chosen to opt out of the Open version of the Register

Your records are used to help ensure that we provide you with the service you need. We will, based on your age and nationality, include your name on the Electoral Register so that you are able to vote by your chosen method.

The Electoral Register is a public document which can be viewed only in our main reception at Forde House and it is viewed under supervision.

If you do not provide us with the information we need to process your application then you will not be able to vote and you may be breaking the law.