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6. Community Right to Challenge

The Right to Challenge empowers community organisations, charities or Town/Parish Councils to bid to run council services, where they believe they can run them better.

What is the Right to Challenge?

We are open to being challenged by eligible groups, to take on the running of local services. If a Challenge is accepted, it will trigger an open procurement process for any bidder to win the contract to deliver the service.

What are the implications of using the Right to Challenge?

It should be noted, that using this Right does not guarantee local service delivery, the Challenge process has to allow private companies to bid alongside community groups to run Council services.

Who can use the Right to Challenge?

  • voluntary or community organisations
  • charities
  • town and parish councils
  • two or more employees of the District Council

What council services can be challenged?

Currently, all of our services can be challenged by the above bodies, under the Right to Challenge but by law, some services have to be carried out by the District Council, for example decisions on planning applications.

In this case, the processing of the applications could be challenged, but the decision-making would have to remain a function of the District Council.

Interested in using the Right to Challenge?

If you are thinking about a "Challenge" we would welcome an informal approach in the first instance, and please contact us.