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4. The Teignbridge Ten

At the heart of our strategy are the Teignbridge Ten super-projects

These are ten connected areas of work, which will each have a widespread impact on the economy, community wellbeing, and the environment. The Teignbridge Ten will be the focus of our work over the next ten years. They have been designed to have a high impact on, and bring major benefits to, our seven key objectives.

Individually, each will make a significant difference to the area, but working together, they have the potential to bring multiple and combined benefits greater than their individual benefits.

The Teignbridge Ten super-projects are:

  • A roof over our heads – to provide more, better, and affordable homes
  • Clean scene – to keep the district clean
  • Going to town – to invest in town centres
  • Great places to live and work – to provide well-designed quality neighbourhoods
  • Health at the heart – to improve health and wellbeing
  • Investing in prosperity – to create jobs and wealth
  • Moving up a gear – to improve travel options
  • Out and about and active – to provide opportunities for healthy active lifestyles
  • Strong communities – to liaise with, help, and support our communities
  • Zero heroes – to reduce waste and carbon emissions