January 2018

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Published on 29 January 2018

Have your say on a Design Guide for new development

Residents and businesses are invited to share their views on new planning documents about the way new areas of development are to be designed and arranged in the district, including the design of buildings, green spaces and highway areas.

Anyone interested in the planning of the area and how development is provided, is encouraged to read and comment on the appropriate documents.

On Tuesday 23 January, Teignbridge Planning Committee approved the draft Teignbridge Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and supporting documents for consultation.  The Design Guide will provide a framework and reference point to achieve high quality development within Teignbridge based on Teignbridge Local Plan policies and the National Planning Policy Framework.

The Design Guide specifies a series of design codes and design guidance to cover a range of scales from the design of entire new neighbourhoods to detailed design that creates interesting and attractive places for local people. A key emphasis of the document is to encourage development that reinforces local character and distinctiveness. It is guidance that clearly supports the Teignbridge Council Strategy in terms of the ‘Great Places to live and Work’ programme.

The guide has important implications for people involved in the development process and as a material consideration for future planning applications particularly for residential and employment schemes.

The consultation runs from Friday 26 January until 12pm on Friday 9 March.

Cllr Humphrey Clemens, Teignbridge District Council's Executive Spokesperson for Planning and Housing, said:

“In delivering the Teignbridge Local Plan, it is very important to the Council to hear what people think about the proposals before being considered for adoption later this year.

“This is an opportunity for people to get involved, by giving their views to help shape the local area. The documents will form part of the statutory planning framework for Teignbridge and will guide future planning decisions, so they are important in helping to deliver the design and quality of development including homes, leisure facilities, roads and walking/cycling routes as well as green spaces and leisure areas we want in Teignbridge.

“The planning team listen carefully to the views and comments of the local community when implementing changes to planning guidance.”

People can see the Design Guide and online questionnaires at Teignbridge District Council’s Plan Teignbridge pages.

People can also write to Design Guide Consultation, Spatial Planning and Delivery, Teignbridge District Council, Forde House, Newton Abbot, phone 01626 215735 or email: forwardplanning@teignbridge.gov.uk