March 2017

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Published on 28 March 2017

Residents can now use plastic bags for food waste

From April 1 2017 Teignbridge residents will be able to use plastic liners or bags in food waste caddies - making it even easier to recycle unwanted waste!

The opportunity for change has come about thanks to Teignbridge using a new reprocessing facility. Food waste collected from homes is sent to an anaerobic digestion plant in Holsworthy, Devon, where it is turned into energy and fertiliser, ensuring that essential nutrients are returned to the land.

Plastic bags are removed during the recycling process and used to generate power.

Recycling and Waste Manager Chris Braines said:

"This is great news for our residents and being able to use normal plastic bags means recycling food waste will be even easier. In September 2015 we introduced weekly food waste collections and this is another step in the right direction.

"We're expecting it to result in more food being diverted away from disposal and into the recycling process. It's fantastic news that the facility is based in Devon which keeps the environmental impact of transporting waste to a minimum too."

What you can use
• To line your caddy, you could buy plastic bags on a roll such as pedal bin liners or reuse plastic bags you already have, like old supermarket shopping bags that are coming to the end of their life.
• Food bags, such as bread, salad or cereal bags can also be used. They are perfect for lining your kitchen caddy and getting smelly food into your outside food waste bin straight away. All you need to do is tie them up and drop them straight in.

You can also still use newspaper or leftover compostable liners in your caddy. The only types of bags that can't be used black bin liners as these could mean the contents are mistaken for rubbish and not recycled.

Remember - whilst you can now use plastic bags to line your food waste caddy you cannot put plastic bags in your mixed recycling.

You'll find this news - along with lots more essential recycling information - inside the annual waste and recycling service being sent to all homes across Teignbridge from this week.

Find out more about the weekly food waste collection service.