March 2017

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Published on 9 March 2017

Teignbridge to 'fly the flag' for Commonwealth Day

Councillors, civic dignitaries and invited guests from all over Teignbridge will mark Commonwealth Day on Monday 13 March at 10am.

In common with previous years, there will be a flag-raising ceremony to mark Commonwealth Day at Teignbridge District Council’s Old Forde House, Newton Abbot.

Teignbridge Chairman Cllr Graham Price will read out a specially written affirmation. At the same time, hundreds of Commonwealth Flags will be raised across the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, UK Overseas Territories and Commonwealth countries.

He will be joined by local councillors, civic dignitaries and students.

Commonwealth Day is an opportunity to promote understanding on global issues, international co-operation and the work of Commonwealth organisations.

In a common act of witness around the globe, nations will reaffirm the commitment of all Commonwealth member states to democracy, development, and respect for diversity.

Cllr Graham Price said:

"The ‘Fly a Flag’ event is an opportunity for people to come together and collectively mark our membership of the Commonwealth and our commitment to shared goals. I am honoured to be hosting this event that celebrates our Commonwealth history and look forward to welcoming guests to the flag-raising occasion in Teignbridge.”

Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth is an occasion to acknowledge publicly and collectively the continuing aspiration of the Commonwealth to build on common traditions and uphold shared values of democracy, inclusive development, rule of law, and human rights.

Local and national flag raising ceremonies highlight the values and principles of the Commonwealth Charter. Those values include tolerance, freedom of expression, respect for human rights, the rule of law, protecting the environment, access to health, education, food and shelter, and gender equality.

2016 saw more than 900 Commonwealth flags raised at the same time throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Commonwealth and UK Overseas Territories. The project is growing in size and stature, with about 100 new locations joining in each year.