September 2017

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Published on 14 September 2017

Teignbridge new householders are local and happy says poll

Fifth annual survey reveals that Teignbridge residents living in newly built homes think they are a good place to live.

Results from Teignbridge’s survey of residents living in new homes reports that 82.2% of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with recent developments in the area, which is an increase on last year.

83% of respondents moved to their new home from within the South West, with 77% from Torquay and Exeter postcodes. This is similar to previous years' surveys and other surveys in South West England.

For working households, the most common workplaces were Exeter, Newton Abbot and Torbay with over half of commutes to these three places.  82% of the commutes were made by car which is higher than last year’s survey although there were more cycling commuters than previous years.

The survey results are a good indication that Teignbridge’s adopted Council Strategy is right on track. The Teignbridge Ten 'super projects' are at the heart of the strategy and show the council’s focus for the next 10 years and have been designed to have a high impact on the council's key objectives.

Teignbridge has committed to making sure that new developments are built to the highest standards of design, with great public spaces, landscaping and high quality open spaces, as well as supporting improvements to walking, cycling and public transport opportunities and other ways to reduce carbon emissions.

Councillor Humphrey Clemens, Teignbridge District Council’s Executive Member for Planning and Housing said:

“I’m delighted with these positive results, as they show that more local people are enjoying their new homes and satisfaction rates are increasing.

“The results show that we are providing homes that hard working local families want and need, which provides them with a high quality of life.

“Through its Local Plan, Teignbridge is making it possible for aspiring householders to achieve their dream of turning a key in the front door of their own home. We recently celebrated this success with a young local family who became the 2000th new householder, who are delighted with their new home.”

The figures support the Ten Year Council Strategy by showing that there are more houses for local families who are satisfied on overall design, internal spaces, private gardens and their surroundings.   

Households were fairly evenly split between families, households with no dependent children and retired households. The average household size was 2.13 people per household and a quarter of households were one person.

A summary of the full results are available online at:

The response rate of 23% (of the 599 surveys sent) is comparable to previous years.