Chairman and Leader of the Council

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3. The Executive

The Executive is responsible for most day to day decisions made by the council. It oversees the formulation of new policies and strategies and considers reports and recommendations from the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Leader of the Council/Executive Portfolio Holder for Strategic Direction: Cllr Gordon Hook

Deputy Leader of the Council/Executive Portfolio Holder for Waste Management and Environmental Health: Cllr Alistair Dewhirst.

Executive Portfolio Holder for Corporate Services: Cllr Alan Connett.

Executive Portfolio Holder for Planning: Cllr Gary Taylor.

Executive Portfolio Holder for Housing and Climate Change Emergency: Cllr Jackie Hook

Executive Portfolio Holder for Business, Economy and Tourism: Cllr Nina Jeffries.

Executive Portfolio Holder for Communities & IT: Cllr Martin Wrigley.

Executive Portfolio Holder for Sport, Recreation and Culture: Cllr Andrew MacGregor.

Chair (C) and Vice-Chairs (VC) for Teignbridge’s committees are:

Overview & Scrutiny Committee:

Cllr Philip Bullivant (C)

Cllr Alison Eden (VC)

Planning Committee:

Cllr Mike Haines (C)

Cllr Linda Goodman-Bradbury (VC)

Regulatory and Appeals Committee:

Cllr John Petherick (C)

Cllr Robert Hayes (VC)

Licensing Act 2003 Committee:

Cllr David Cox (C)

Cllr Dave Rollason (VC)

Audit Scrutiny Committee:

Cllr Sally Morgan (C)

Cllr Dave Rollason (VC)

Standards Committee:

Cllr Richard Keeling (C)

Strata Joint Scrutiny:

Cllr Charles Nuttall

Cllr Andy Swain

Cllr Chris Clarance

Highways and Traffic Orders Committee - Teignbridge:

Cllr Sheila Cook

Cllr Charles Nuttall

Cllr Philip Bullivant