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How to complain about a Member of the Council

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10. Appeals process

At the conclusion of your complaint (at steps 2, 6 or 9), the Monitoring Officer will inform you and the Member of the outcome in writing, including information about the appeals process. 

This information should include: 

  • Any appeal must be received in writing within 14 days of the complaint outcome notification being made. 
  • To be valid, any appeal must specify the reasons for the appeal, together with the desired outcome of the appeal. 
  • Any appeal should be addressed to the Monitoring Officer. In cases where the Monitoring Officer is the subject of the complaint, an appropriate alternative person will be named. 

On receipt of an appeal, the Monitoring Officer will: 

  • Consider the matter 
  • Consult with a further independent person unconnected with the original complaint 
  • Respond in writing to the complainant within 28 days, providing either an outcome to the appeal, or detailing what further action will be taken.