Electoral services

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6. Proxy voting

If you registered to vote but unable to attend your polling station, you can appoint someone else (a proxy) to vote on your behalf. You will still be able to vote in person if your proxy hasn't already voted for you. You can apply to vote by proxy by completing the application below:

If after 5pm on the 6 working day before polling day you find you are unable to vote in person because you have either a medical emergency or for reasons due to work or service, you can apply to vote by emergency proxy. Completed applications must reach the Electoral Registration Officer, Forde House, Brunel Road, Newton Abbot TQ12 4XX by 5pm on polling day. Depending on the reason for your application it will need to be supported by either a medical practitioner or your employer.

Once you have completed your application in pen, you can email it to absentvoting@teignbridge.gov.uk or by post to the address on the form.

If the person you appoint is unable to attend your polling station, they can apply to vote on your behalf by post - you must already be a proxy voter for them to do this:

If you wish to cancel an existing proxy vote, please complete and return the form below: