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Ogwell boundary changes review

Please give us your views – Teignbridge District Council is reviewing the parish boundary between Ogwell and Newton Abbot

Teignbridge District Council has been asked by Ogwell Parish Council to consider changing where the parish boundary sits between Ogwell and Newton Abbot. This is called a Community Governance Review (CGR).  The request from the Parish Council was supported by a valid petition signed by a majority of registered electors who live within the affected area.

The area under consideration includes 31 properties in Bunting Close, 29 properties in Denbury Road (including 11 flats within Conitor House), 23 properties in Larksmead Way, 4 properties in Larksmead Close, 3 properties in Queen Annes Copse and 7 properties in Redstart Close.

Ogwell Parish Council would like Teignbridge Council to consider moving the parish boundary, so that all of these properties which currently sit within Newton Abbot are in Ogwell.

What difference does it make which parish I live in?

  • affected residents may be required to go to a different polling station to vote
  • affected residents would vote at elections to Ogwell Parish Council instead of Newton Abbot Town Council
  • affected residents would pay the Ogwell rate of council tax rather than the Newton Abbot rate. Parish and Town Councils are funded by a ‘precept’ and Teignbridge Council collects the precept on behalf of Town and Parish Councils.  Each Town and Parish Council reviews their precept amount every year
  • any changes to the Ogwell parish boundary may subsequently result in consequential changes to the district ward and county electoral division boundaries, to ensure the whole of Ogwell parish has the same representation.

If the parish boundary is moved, there may need to be minor changes to addresses in the affected area. If an address change were needed, we would give you more information about how this would happen. 

The changes would only affect the properties in the relevant area, they would not affect the rest of Ogwell or Newton Abbot.

Where would the boundary be moved to?

Parish boundaries have to be easy to identify so that everyone knows where they are. They usually follow a feature such as a road, river or railway track, or areas that provide a natural break between communities, like a park or recreation ground.

In this case the main road may be used as the new boundary, shown as an orange line on the map.  The existing boundary is shown as a blue line on the map.

What factors will be considered?

Community cohesion is about local communities where people should feel they have a stake in the society, and in the local area where they live by having the opportunity to influence decisions affecting their lives. As part of a Community Governance Review the principal council (Teignbridge) must also consider whether a recommendation made by petitioners will undermine community cohesion in another part of its area.

What happens now?

A consultation will run from Monday 28 March 2022 to Friday 6 May 2022, to find out what people think of the possibility of the boundary moving. It is important to point out that just because a boundary change has been requested, there is no guarantee that a change will be made. Public consultation is a very important part of a Community Governance Review and all views received will be taken into consideration.

Each of the affected properties will be sent a letter, but anyone who wants to can take part in the consultation.

How do I have a say on these suggestions?

You can contact us by email to  Please add the subject to your email: Ogwell CGR.

If you would prefer, you can write to us at:   Electoral Services (CGR)
Forde House
Brunel Road
Newton Abbot
TQ12 4XX

We would like to know if you think it is a good idea to move the boundary and where you think it should be moved to, or whether you think it should remain unchanged.

If you think the boundary should be changed but you think it should be somewhere different to the suggested new boundary, please provide a description of where you think it should be, or draw it on a map and send it to us with your comments.

It is important that your views are submitted to us between Monday 28 March and Friday 6 May in order to be considered.

Who else will we be consulting with?

As well as our residents, we will also consult with the following:

  • Ogwell Parish Council
  • Newton Abbot Town Council
  • Teignbridge District Council
  • Devon County Council
  • Devon Association of Local Councils
  • Local Government Boundary Commission for England

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Last updated 28 February 2022