Council tax bands and spending explained

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4. What does Teignbridge do for you?

We recycle your household waste, take away your rubbish, clean your streets, make sure your food is safe, work with others to reduce crime, decide planning applications, create and attract new jobs, consider licensing applications, support people in need with housing and council tax reduction schemes, and encourage voluntary organisations.

We work with a whole range of organisations to do things like support public transport and greener travel like cycle routes, protect the environment, look after your street signs, administer council tax for just under 63,000 households, look after homeless families, and work with our partners to provide affordable housing, deliver new jobs and bring prosperity to the area.

We organise elections, improve housing conditions for vulnerable households, promote better energy efficiency, deal with stray dogs, graffiti and fly-tipping, provide renovation grants for unfit properties, deal with noise complaints, provide car parks, check out bonfire nuisances, look after more than 127,000 people across 260 square miles of land, stretching from the moor to the sea.