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Council Tax reduction

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5. Disregarded capital - Working Age Scheme

Capital disregards

This is a summarised list, to view the list in full please see Council Tax Reduction scheme

Schedule 4

Capital disregarded

  1. Your home.
  2. Any property which you are taking steps to move into. 26 week time limit.
  3. Any sum put aside from the sale of a former home in order to purchase a new one. 26 week time limit.
  4. A property occupied by a vulnerable family member or a former partner, unless legally separated.
  5. N/A
  6. N/A
  7. Future interest in a property or land unless you’ve leased it to someone else.
  8. For a working self-employed person, the assets belonging to your business or in some circumstances for periods if you are unable to work.
  9. Arrears of some DWP payments provided they weren’t paid over a year ago.
  10. Sums
    • to compensate for loss, damage, repair or replacements(e.g. insurance pay outs)
    • applied for in order to pay for planned essential repairs or improvements. (e.g. home improvement loan)
  11. Deposits paid to a housing association for rented or home/shared ownership.
  12. Personal possessions.
  13. Potential Annuity values.
  14. Amount paid regarding personal injury compensation and invested in a Trust fund.
    • Amount paid regarding personal injury compensation provided it received no more than a year ago.
  15. Value of a life interest or rent.
  16. Value of any disregarded income.
  17. Life insurance surrender value.
  18. Value of outstanding capital instalments.
  19. Certain local authority payments made for looking after or supporting children in line with the Children Act 1989.
  20. Social fund or welfare provision sums.
  21. Tax refund.
  22. Student loans or grants are counted as income.
  23. Costs for converting non Sterling held capital into Sterling.
  24. Capital payments made by these Trusts *
    • the Fund
    • Eileen Trust
    • MFET Limited
    • Caxton Foundation
    • London Bombings Charitable Fund
    • or in respect of haemophilia affected members of the family
  25. Value of a home you’ve left less than 6 months ago provided it is occupied by a former partner who is a lone parent.
  26. Value of a property you have been trying to sell for less than 6 months.
  27. Value of a property you are taking legal steps to move into, provided its taking less than 6 months.
  28. Value of a property that is being repaired or altered before you can move in, provided it’s taking less than 6 months.
  29. Housing Benefit compensation payments.
  30. Windrush Compensation payments.
  31. Value of occupational or personal pension.
  32. Value of pension scheme funds.
  33. Unless you have a revisionary interest in a property - value of your rent entitlement.
  34. Payment made in kind by a charity or from these Trusts* or from the Independent Living Fund(2006)
  35. Payment made by government in respect of training, enabling and supporting work.
  36. Payment made in respect of travel and other expenses for attending certain training and employment schemes.
  37. Payment to compensate for the loss of council tax reduction.
  38. Payment under Housing Act to buy or repair your new home.
  39. Pension supplement arrears for certain armed forces surviving partner schemes.
  40. Certain National Health Service travel and supply expense payments.
  41. Certain payments in lieu of things like milk tokens, vitamins, healthy start vouchers.
  42. Payments made in respect of health in pregnancy grant
  43. Payments made to assist relatives and other persons to visit persons in custody – for maximum 52 weeks from date of payment.
  44. Payments (other than a training allowance) made under the Disabled Persons (Employment) Act 1944 to assist persons to obtain or retain employment despite their disability.
  45. Payments made to homeworkers assisted under the Blind Homeworkers’ scheme.
  46. N/A
  47. Capital held and administered by Court of Protection or High Court.
  48. Capital held for and administered on behalf of a person aged under 18 under the Children Act.
  49. Payment to holders of The Victoria Cross.
  50. N/A
  51. Payments to assist persons under the self-employment route, for 52 weeks from the date of payment.
  52. Payments of a sports award for a period of 26 weeks.
  53. Education Maintenance Allowance or its equivalent.
  54. Payments made by an employment zone contractor, for 52 weeks from the date of payment.
  55. Arrears of subsistence allowance, for 52 weeks from the date of payment.
  56. Payments made in respect of being imprisoned by the Japanese during the Second World War.
  57. Payments in respect of a diagnosis of Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease
  58. Compensation payments in respect of
    • Slave or forced labour
    • Suffered property loss of personal injury
    • Was a parent of a child who died
    • during the Second World War
  59. Direct payments for healthcare.
  60. Adoption payments.
  61. Special Guardianship payments.
  62. Payments made under the Children’s and Families act for personal budgets and direct payments.
  63. Payments from the London Emergencies Trust fund and We Love Manchester fund.
  64. Bereavement Support payments.