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Landlords report a tenant's move

Our online move forms can either be completed by or on behalf of the person moving.

If you are completing any of the move forms for your tenants, then please enter the information from their point of view.

There are 2 forms to cover the most common move situations :

If you have a tenant moving out and don't have a forwarding address, use the Moving out form. Type N/A into the postcode line and select address not found from the drop down selection, then add N/A in the first line of the address field, it will then let you go on to complete the form.

You can also use the Moving out form to tell us that you have a new tenant moving into the same property, as long as there is no gap in the date between tenancies.

If there is a gap between the tenancies then you will need to complete the Moving out form for the tenant vacating and then the Moving In form for the new tenants details.

If you have a tenant moving between two properties that you own in Teignbridge, use the moving out form as it will ask for details of both properties.


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Last updated 10 April 2024