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3. Moving out

If you are moving between two properties within Teignbridge, or out of the Teignbridge area, or if you are moving to another property where you will not be paying council tax, ie moving to live with parents, then please complete the form below.

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You need to tell us about your move :

  • the property you are moving out from
  • the date you move out of the property
  • the date your tenancy ends or the date the property was sold
  • provide a forwarding address and contact details

We will update our records and a closing bill will be sent to your forwarding address.

When you move, you also need to update your registration details to enable you to vote; to do this online please follow this link Register to Vote and update your details. If you don't register you may not be able to vote in upcoming elections or referendums, and it may affect your credit rating.

Our moving home page gives some examples to help you choose the correct form.

If none of these appear to fit your situation then please send an email with as much detail as possible about your move to

Please provide a contact telephone number in case we need to contact you.

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Last updated 22 December 2020