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Council Strategy 2016 - 2025

Council Strategy Logo V4

A ten year strategy was proposed in the spring of 2015 to replace the Council Plan 2011-15 (the outcomes and achievements of the Council Plan are available in the pdf icon Council Plan Performance Review [551kb] document).

Work began on the strategy in the spring of 2015 with research on a wide range of topics looking at data, comparing with others and national trends, looking at partner plans and strategies, government requirements, and many other current and anticipated factors which would influence the strategic delivery of council services over the next decade.

Councillors were involved in three Member workshops throughout the year to help inform and develop proposals.

There was a public consultation between 7 July 2015 and 18 August 2015 that included an online survey, meetings with special interest community, emails to partners and businesses plus face to face surveys at many local events across the district. Over a thousand members of the public gave their views.

Feedback from the member workshops and the public consultation have been analysed to produce a set of key objectives for the council.

At the heart of the strategy are the Teignbridge Ten 'super projects'. These connected areas of work will be our focus for the next ten years and have been designed to have a high impact on the council's key objectives.

The research and results from the public consultation, a Business Impact Assessment (BIA) and links to related Strategies and Plans can be viewed in related pages, or downloads and offsite links.

The final strategy document can be viewed here pdf icon Council Strategy 2016-25 [605kb]and an larger A4 version here pdf icon Council Strategy 2016-25 A4 version [651kb]